Florian Brody

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Florian Brody by Mind Map: Florian Brody

1. Our history is the written word

1.1. are we headed towards a history free period?

1.1.1. electronic books

1.2. Much more history about Charles V than the origin of spreadsheets

2. Stuff...lots of stuff

2.1. it's really about the stories

2.2. the medium is irrelevant

3. How do we go from old media to new media?

3.1. Managing content

3.1.1. the golden age of search

3.1.2. Silver age when we can't find anything

4. Social Media

4.1. Opera?

4.1.1. ways of sharing content

4.2. building an intelligent bridge

4.3. where we are with traditional and new media

4.4. Learning is social

4.4.1. and educational

5. What do we do?

5.1. Create a specific historic aspect

5.2. Actualize the specifics of the medium

5.3. Organic decay

5.4. Develop responsible modes of usage

5.5. Accept impermanence

6. I still don't own a Kindle

7. Legend

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7.4. Live Mind Mapping provided by Dan Taylor

8. Digital Media as Memory Places

8.1. everything we know is in books

8.2. stuff we can learn from kids

8.3. stuff we can learn from yelling drivers in a traffic jam

8.4. maybe it's not so much about knowing

9. Not knowing is just right

9.1. Where are you going

9.2. I am going on a pilgrimages

9.3. what's the purpose?

9.4. i don't know

9.5. Not knowing is most intimate

10. The experience of books will disappear

10.1. The art of memory

10.2. the ability to memorize a speech was as important as retoric