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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Definition: an integrated, systemic process for determining the nature and extent of student learning, development, and achievement.

1.1. Qualitative and Quantitative Data about performance

1.2. Helps form valued judgements that have to do with learning progress.

2. Criterion Referencing After Assessment

2.1. Compares individuals with certain criteria

2.2. Individual achievement vs. expectation of success

2.3. Assessed on learning targets, standards or performance expectations

2.4. I want my students to try to use this form of referencing most times

3. I chose these three assessments topics because they were the ones that I could connect with and relate to my teaching philosophy most

4. Formative Assessment

4.1. Questioning as Form. Assessment

4.1.1. Teacher can gather information quickly

4.1.2. Guides student learning

4.1.3. Teacher can see exactly how student is thinking/if they are meeting expectations instantly

4.1.4. Follow up on learning right away

4.2. Projects as Form. Assessment

4.2.1. Hands-on learning

4.2.2. Teacher can communicate with students during project creation time

4.2.3. Clear representation of application and transfer of knowledge most times

4.2.4. Can use rubrics and other forms to show what the expectations for the project are