Who blame for obesity

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Who blame for obesity by Mind Map: Who blame for obesity

1. people

1.1. Eating unhealthy diet

1.1.1. buy product instead of viggie

1.1.2. easy to prepare don't have enough time

1.1.3. work condtion restriction everywhere fast food pick up Cheap socio economical factor

1.2. exercise less

1.2.1. do not have culture wealthy people influence by incestor building habit is not happening right a way very few place to walk (zone)

1.3. Parent responsibility, Inheretate

1.3.1. children mother, mother mild

2. Government Responsibility

2.1. awareness

2.1.1. lebling hard to understand per container per serving what type of fat is harmful

2.1.2. michael pollan how giving idea helps

2.2. Restriction

2.2.1. Junk food Hi taxes, Corn products high taxt

2.2.2. licensing have control people resist in cigrate people not resit with obesity everyone says it bad

2.3. quote from the essay " they say I say

2.4. standard measures,

2.4.1. preventive than curative subsidize vegetable / fruits support children from birth schools not fast food

2.4.2. curative U.S spent more