Key Issues in L2 Reading Development

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Key Issues in L2 Reading Development by Mind Map: Key Issues in L2 Reading Development

1. This article outlines the nature of reading abilities particularly in academic contexts

2. Reading Comprehension involves

2.1. Recognize words efficiently

2.2. Develop and use vocabulary

2.3. interpret meaning in relation to background knowledge

2.4. interpret and evaluate texts

3. Fluent Reading

3.1. Lower Level Process

3.1.1. Word Recognition Skills

3.1.2. Automatic lexico- syntactic Processing

3.1.3. Semantic Processing

3.2. High Level Process

3.2.1. Form main idea meanings

3.2.2. Recognize related Information

3.2.3. Build a text model of Comprehension

3.2.4. Use Inferencing and background knowledge

4. Differences L1 and L2 Reading

4.1. Smaller knowledge when starting reading in L2

4.2. Less practice on L2

4.3. L2 Students experience reading differently because of the two language systems

4.4. Transfer Effects

4.5. Different combinations of general background and knowledge

4.6. Distinct Social and Cultural Assumptions

5. L2 Implications for Reading Instruction

5.1. Ability to decode graphic forms

5.2. ability to access and draw meanings of words

5.3. combine clausal level

5.4. recognize discourse level relationships

5.5. Reading Strategies

5.6. Set Goals for Reading

5.7. Inferences

5.8. Abilities to Evaluate, Integrte and Synthesize Information from a text

5.9. Mantain Process Fluently