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Keeping Order In Class by Mind Map: Keeping Order In Class

1. Roots Of Children's Misbehaviour

1.1. 1) They want to test whether teachers will enforce rules.

1.2. 2) They experience different sets of expectations between school and home.

1.3. 3) They do not understand the rules, or are held to expectations that are beyond their developmental levels.

1.4. 4) They want to assert themselves and their independence.

1.5. 5) They feel ill, bored, hungry or sleepy.

1.6. 6) They have been previously “rewarded” for their misbehavior with adult attention.

1.7. 8) They copy the actions of their parents.

2. Advices For Teachers

2.1. Advice for teachers to help prevent misbehavior in their classroom

2.2. How to stay polite

3. Rules For Students

3.1. The rools of the Classroom

3.2. 25 Important Rules For Students in School - General School Rules - Learnesl

4. Something More...

4.1. Teaching Your Child Self-Control

4.2. Some interesting techniques for teachers how to attract student's attention

4.3. From students...