The Future of Education

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The Future of Education by Mind Map: The Future of Education

1. How would the concept of self-teaching be introduced in today's schools?

1.1. a first step would be that students should be encouraged towards doing more independent work

1.1.1. students must be motivated and inspired to work and to want to work

1.2. schools should become a place where students would be insipired to explore and find answers by themselves instead of just being given the right answer on a silver plater

1.3. last but not least teachers should become facilitators of the process of education by allowing students to find out answers in their own way

1.3.1. facilitated learning replaces memorization with critical thinking, comprehensive understanding and imaginative learning

2. Should the children be given a subject to study based on their age or should they choose whatever they want?

2.1. students could be given any particular topic as long as they have acces to the neccesary tools that facilitate learning

2.1.1. by being asigned any topic sudents would realise that no subject is beyond them as long as they give their interest in learning

2.2. by being given a certain topic at at time students could perform better in several core topics and a few minor ones

2.2.1. it would challenge their existing knowledge and andvance their potential understanding

2.2.2. it would teach them new skills and it would hone their existing ones

3. How could the progress of the students be evaluated besides the use of traditional methods?

3.1. by using informal observation, teachers could observe how students act throughout a school day

3.1.1. this could offer insight about a students particular learning needs that could not be obtained from a written paper

3.2. by allowing students to self-assess their learning they could discover what they do and do not know

3.2.1. this can maintain the students interest in the process of learning