The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship

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The Ghost Ship by Mind Map: The Ghost Ship

1. Ernie

1.1. found a ghost ship

1.1.1. white & see-through

1.1.2. tied to a netball post

1.1.3. rocked up and down

1.2. shared with his classmates

1.2.1. waited till break time

1.2.2. rushed out and took a good look

1.2.3. saw bins and fence but no ship

1.2.4. roared, "Oh no it didn't."

1.2.5. laughed at Ernie & ran off to play

1.3. met his partner Jade

1.3.1. learned about treasure hunting

1.3.2. ran back up School Hill

1.3.3. dug up the ghost treasure chest

1.3.4. carried it back to the ship

2. Mrs. Wiggins

2.1. came running out and comforted Ernie, sighed, "That makes two of us."

2.2. marched up to the ghost and called the ghost

2.3. scolded the ghost, "You promised no one but me could see you."

2.4. said firmly, "You can't keep sailing in here."

2.5. warned, "You'd better find it this time, or else."

3. Captain Pegleg

3.1. puzzled,"Are you sure you can see me?"

3.2. upset, "I can't help sailing in here."

3.3. hopeful, "I wish I could blow in here."

3.4. thankful, began fading

4. Jade

4.1. joined Ernie and decided to help

4.2. got out Dad's book on treasure hunting

4.3. went to the captain and studied the map

4.4. looked for treasure with the metal detector