There is There are

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There is There are by Mind Map: There is There are

1. There is a man at the door

1.1. There + a/an + singular noun

2. There is some tea in the cup

2.1. There is + uncountable noun

3. Affirmative (singular noun)

4. There are people at the bus stop.

4.1. There are + plural noun

5. Affirmative (plural noun)

6. There isn't enough time to wait.

6.1. There is not + singular noun

7. There aren't any volunteers for this task.

7.1. There are not + plural noun

8. Negative (singular noun)

9. Negative (plural noun)

10. Is there a letter for me?

10.1. Is there + singular noun?

11. Are there problems with your New job?

11.1. Are there + plural noun?

12. İnterrogative (singular noun)

13. İnterrogative (plural noun)

14. SOME / ANY

15. I have Got some money in my purse

16. Is there any milk in the fridge.