What I Know About Biodiversity

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What I Know About Biodiversity by Mind Map: What I Know About Biodiversity

1. Threats

1.1. Deforestation. We are cutting down to many trees which means the air won't be as clean and many animals have lost their homes

1.1.1. Pollution. Pollution causes Climate Change, and Habitat Loss. It's also causing plants/crops to die. Pollution is mostly caused by littering and releasing greenhouse gasses. Climate Change. Deadly recent storms like hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards or just bizarre weather is caused by Pollution/Climate Change. These storms are kill animals, plants and humans alike.

1.2. Habitat Loss. Habitat Loss is caused by mining, Deforestation, Pollution, and creating towns and cities. Animals and plants are dying because of this.

1.2.1. Invasive Exotic Species. Invasive Species are bad to Biodiversity because native plants and animals won't know how to deal with the new plant/animal and could possibly die from it.

2. Vocabulary

2.1. Prey, an animal that is hunted and killed for food.

2.1.1. Predator, an animal that naturally feeds on others. Consumer, don't know how to explain definition. Producer, a living organism that produces its own food.

2.2. Abiotic, something that isn't living

2.2.1. Biotic, something that is living. Herbivore, an animal that eats only plants Omnivore, an animal that eats both plants and meat.

3. Importance

3.1. Genetic, Species, and Ecosystem levels.

3.1.1. Environmental benefits are water purification, pollution absorption, waste management, and erosion control.

3.2. Economic benefits are free pollination, pest control, genetic resources, erosion control, stress resistance, and water purification.

3.2.1. Social benefits are Outdoor recreation, Revenue from tourism and Other benefits.