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Ecosystems by Mind Map: Ecosystems

1. biotic factors

1.1. plants

1.1.1. like trees

1.2. animals

1.2.1. like human

1.3. a biotic factor can be described as any living component that affects another organism

2. abiotic factors

2.1. water

2.2. light

2.3. radiation

2.4. temperature

2.5. soil

2.6. a abiotic factor a nonliving condition or thing

3. what is a ecosystem?

3.1. it's a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment

4. what is a habitat

4.1. it's the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism

5. how human affect the ecosystem

5.1. Humans destroy the environment they live in, and therefore the animals that live there.

5.2. The plants grow faster and taste better, but if you use fertilizers it will be unhealthy.

5.3. There will be no bugs in the vegetables, but it won’t be healthy for you to eat it.

5.4. The disadvantages is pollutions is really bad for the environment, people use metal because it’s the hard materials.