Puereral Pyrexia

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Puereral Pyrexia by Mind Map: Puereral Pyrexia

1. Urinary tract infection

2. Genital tract infection

2.1. Leading cause of maternal mortality

2.1.1. Group A streptococcus

3. Mastitis

4. Thrombophlebitis

5. Wound infection

5.1. Caesarean section wound

5.2. Perineal tear wound

6. Respiratory tract infection

7. Do a septic screen

7.1. FBC

7.2. Blood cultures

7.3. Sputum culture

7.4. Perineal swab

7.5. Wound swab

7.6. Mid-stream urine specimen

8. Antibiotic treatment starts as broad spectrum and is changed in accordance to organism's sensitivity

9. Sepsis can be insidious and rapidly progress to shock