Shaken Baby Syndrome

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Shaken Baby Syndrome by Mind Map: Shaken Baby Syndrome

1. Prevention

1.1. How to Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome 12/11/2018

1.1.1. This website provides a printable Baby Care checklist. Parents magazine provides a large list of ways to care for yourself, therefore you can better care for your baby. Avoiding the triggers that stress a parent and could lead to poor choices/

1.2. Never Ever Shake a Baby 12/11/2018

1.2.1. Never ever shake a baby KidsHealth website starts with clear warning to Never shake a baby, a plan to prevent head trauma, identifies Shaken Baby syndrome, the medical and legal consequences and then gives a checklist and advice to prevent it.

1.3. Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome 12/11/2018

1.3.1. The CDC PDF is a complete guide from the U.S. department of Health and human Services.

2. Statistics

2.1. National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome Facts&Info 12/11/2018

2.1.1. This is the Website for All and Everything! The Information is endless and the contributing Universities and Organizations are World Leaders for Education, Prevention, Medical Info, and parental support. If it's not on this website? It doesn't exist! The headlines is: Crisis is the number 1 Trigger!

3. Local Systems and Support

3.1. Wisconsin Department for Children and Families Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Training 12/11/2018

3.1.1. Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Training for Child Care Providers