Coastal Erosion on Inverloch Foreshore

Inverloch Coastal Erosion

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Coastal Erosion on Inverloch Foreshore by Mind Map: Coastal Erosion on Inverloch Foreshore

1. What is the causes of erosion?

1.1. Extreme weather events

1.1.1. Coastal storms

1.1.2. Flooding

1.1.3. Heavy rain fall Saturates the sand dunes, reduces its strength as asolid mass, resulting in landslides.

1.1.4. High winds

1.2. Intensified, high currents

1.2.1. Waves reaching greater coverage of sand dunes. Evidence of greater wave energy and increased storms (ABC, 2016).

1.2.2. Increased water levels. High tides Constant moisture on sand dunes

2. What are the environmental implications?

2.1. Where is the sand going?

2.2. What animals will be effected by the erosion of the sand dunes and the trees / shrubs that hold them together?

2.3. How can the fauna survive within the sand dunes?

2.4. Removal of rock, sediments and sand.

2.5. How is the Inlet effected by the relocation of this sand?

2.5.1. Effect on marine life? Fishing reduced?

2.5.2. Access to the Inlet via boat

3. Is it a natural cycle that will repair itself?

3.1. Scientist's predict that it is a natural process which will repair itself.

3.1.1. 17 - 20 Year cycle Has Inverloch endured this cycle before?

3.2. Will the sand that has been eroded, replace itself?

3.3. Will Inverloch surf beach be able to endure this cycle?

4. What physical environmental changes have taken place?

4.1. The sand dunes have been severely eroded.

4.1.1. The Surf Life Saving Club has been relocated twice.

4.2. A lot of the fauna upon the sand dunes have been torn out from their roots.

4.2.1. Should they remove this debris?

4.2.2. With reduced number of trees holding the dunes together, should they be replaced? Will the timeframe allow for these new trees to take effect?

4.3. As a result of erosion there are now steep cliff faces.

4.3.1. Unsafe for public Walking tracks closed Beach closures

4.3.2. Access to the foreshore is now reduced due to 'big drops' from the sand dunes.

5. What measures can be put in place to sustain, or at least slow down the eradication?

5.1. Sand bagging

5.1.1. This was initially implemented on the SLSC Tower, but they did not hold.

5.2. Sand renourishment

5.2.1. Consider dredging the Inverloch Inlet for the sand relocation. Will this cause further environmental implications?

5.3. The use of drones to monitor the foreshore changes through imagery.

5.4. What does the Parks Victoria suggest?

5.5. What does the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning DEWLP suggest? Or for see?

6. What will the Inverloch foreshore look like within the next 20 years?

6.1. Will nature take its course and replenish the foreshore before it is decimated up to Surf Parade?

6.2. Will you be able to access the surf?

6.3. Will there be any fauna left on the sand dunes?

6.4. Will the human effect of infrastructure strengthen or collapse the foreshore?

6.4.1. Housing

6.4.2. Bike paths

6.4.3. General public use

6.5. Will there be any trees?

7. What are the hazards of erosion on Inverloch foreshore?

7.1. Sand dunes instability

7.1.1. Not safe for the public.

7.2. No sand on foreshore for people to enjoy

7.3. Steep and unstable cliff faces

7.3.1. Big drops from sand dune to foreshore.