BSI Grade 3: Our family map

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BSI Grade 3: Our family map by Mind Map: BSI Grade 3: Our family map

1. Teacher set up process

1.1. Create account for your class at (see: Rhys or Nicole)

1.2. Have students find out where different generations of their families come from and were about it by hand

1.3. Students type up details on each relative (use google docs, word, TextEdit, etc)

1.4. OPTION: Students/parents email pics to teacher

1.5. OPTION: students bring in pics and digitize the with photobooth, your phone, another digital camera, etc

1.6. Go through steps on the right (suggestion: 2 students per laptops at the beginning)

2. Get to our account at

2.1. Log in at [email protected]/pw: iamgreat

2.2. Click "more" and "maps" or

3. Search map for a place & Save it to our map

3.1. Type in an address in the search bar and click the magnifying glass

3.2. Click on the red pin that google puts on the place you searched for

3.3. Click "Save to map", and choose our family map

3.4. Click the "View map" link that appears when you save to see your place on our map!

4. Viewing our family map

4.1. Go to

4.2. Click link to "my places"

4.3. Click the link to the map you want to see

5. Adding details, stories and photos to our map

5.1. Coming soon!

6. Gathering & Digitizing Family Pictures

6.1. Email digital pics to teacher

6.2. Bring them in to "digitize them"! With photobooth