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Millie by Mind Map: Millie

1. i love the way she refuses to hurt me no matter how much i annoy her.

2. I love how cute she is and how she reacts when i try to say cute things.

3. I love her eyes and the colour they are and how pretty they are

4. I love her lil chubby cheeks

5. I love how small her hands are.

6. I love how small she is

7. I love how beautiful she is

8. i love all the little sounds she makes

9. I love how we have already talked about our future together.

10. I love how you seem to always want to cuddle.

11. i love the way your body feels in my arms

12. I love how you let me kiss your neck.

13. I love when are sleepy and cute and you can't type properly.

14. I love how you very rarely run up to me when you see me at lunch.

15. I love how you hold onto my arm.

16. I love how you rarely kiss me on the cheek.

17. I love how i can pick you up and you hate it but love it.

18. I love how protective you get over me.

19. i love how you are the most cuddly person on earth and how comfortable you are.

20. I love how you always make me happy.

21. I love how loved you make me feel.

22. I love how you're mine and i will never let you go or replace you. i love you so much baby girl.

23. i love how you sometimes go red and shy.