DNA sprint 1 - GIVE iPhone

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DNA sprint 1 - GIVE iPhone by Mind Map: DNA sprint 1 - GIVE iPhone

1. Facebook App

1.1. Shows the campaign banner page

1.2. Shows the campaign rules

1.3. Shows the campaign opening page

1.3.1. Shows the current Lottery time left

1.3.2. Shows the prize

1.4. Shows ok screen (invited friends statutes)

1.5. Shows friends selection screen

1.6. Shows current Lottery finished screen

2. Mobile Site

2.1. home

2.1.1. FB Login & FB App authorization Home screen only if the user hasn't liked the FB App poll Campaign

3. Campaign

3.1. has Participants

3.1.1. only after clicked the small button 'skip invitations'

3.1.2. only after they have invited Friends at least 1 to N number of Friends invitations friends can be invited via FB friends can be invited via email

3.1.3. only after they have liked the FB app

3.2. has several Lottery loops

3.3. when Lottery loop finishes

3.3.1. all participants will be notified via email