Interior Windshield Cleaner

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Interior Windshield Cleaner by Mind Map: Interior Windshield Cleaner

1. Ergonomics

1.1. Dynamic functional data is needed for reach,grip, and strength

1.2. Consider 5th,50th and 95th percentile in particular

1.3. Adjustability

1.4. Clearance

1.5. Psychological Factor Data

1.5.1. Temperature ( the product should be able to sustain a good range of temperatures and be durable during a majority of the seasons)

1.5.2. Smell ( should be eco-friendly product used in the padding to reduce the risk of respiratory problems)

1.5.3. Nominal : Age, Do they own a car

1.6. Physiological factor data

1.6.1. Endurance strength in different body positions (certain individuals may struggle when cleaning they may not want to keep cleaning for such a long period of time so that’s needs to be taken into account because if they do it increases they pressure they put on their wrists and shoulder.) Comfort and fatigue

2. Target Audience

2.1. Individuals of the working class ranging from 18-65+ who own a car

2.2. It can also be individuals of the working class who owns a car that they struggle with cleaning the interior and exterior of the windshield or car in general

3. Aesthetics

3.1. Chemicals such as Windex that people have usually use to clean the inside of their windshield (according to my survey), have ammonia hydroxide in it.

3.2. The wiper should be one-two colors such as black and white or blue and a lighter shade of that. I believe it should be like this because if it’s too colorful or bright, the user might not take it seriously.

4. Chemicals used with it

4.1. Can cause blurred vision, burns, redness. Ingestion can induce abdominal cramping and vomiting

4.2. May still leave streaks or not clean the whole thing meaning you have to waste more money and end up going to a professional depending on your level of severity

5. Products that already exist

5.1. Invisible glass reach and clean tool kit

5.2. XINDEM Window Cleaner Brush kit

5.3. The Windshield Wonder (As Seen on TV)

5.4. RainX

5.5. Autocraft Squeegee

6. Factors to take into account when an individual cleans

6.1. The individual may be sitting down when cleaning in the car so their back can be affected when reaching to clean but that is varying not their size and shape.

6.2. Individuals have to reach certain corners which can affect their shoulder and arms which are one of the common areas of arthritis occurring.

6.3. Cleaning with window closed meaning that they are ingesting or inhaling the chemical they are use

6.4. The pressure they are putting on their hands in order to clean and put the windshield back into its original state.

7. -

8. Sustainability

8.1. Product that have little or no affect on the environment

8.2. Cradle to cradle approach

8.3. Longer time scale which can increase costs therefore may not be feasible

9. Weather

9.1. During the winter time or when it gets cold. Windshields ice up and certain people use alcohol to clean their interior shields.

9.1.1. Heavy salt exposure may cause damage to the windshield. If individual does not make an alcohol solution then the affects will not be beneficial for them.

9.1.2. Some people result to scrapers or brooms but that makes it worse for their wrists and shoulder which will be putting much of the power.