Howard Gardener's Multiple Intelligences

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Howard Gardener's Multiple Intelligences by Mind Map: Howard Gardener's Multiple Intelligences

1. Visual-Spatial

1.1. - Enjoys reading and writing - Good at interpreting pictures, graphs and charts. - Recognizes patterns easily.

2. Linguistic-Verbal

2.1. - Good at remembering written and spoken information - Enjoys reading and writing - Good at debating or giving persuasive speeches

3. Interpersonal

3.1. - Good at communicating verbally - Skilled at nonverbal communication - Sees situations from different perspectives - Creates positive relationships with others - Good at resolving conflict in groups

4. Intrapersonal

4.1. - Good at analyzing his or her strengths and weaknesses - Enjoys analyzing theories and ideas - Excellent self-awareness - Clearly understands the basis for his or her own motivations and feelings

5. Logical-Mathematical

5.1. - Enjoys thinking about abstract ideas - Likes conducting scientific experiments - Good at solving complex computations

6. Musical

6.1. - Enjoys singing and playing musical instruments - Recognizes musical patterns and tones easily - Good at remembering songs and melodies - Rich understanding of musical structure, rhythm, and notes

7. Bodily-Kinesthetic

7.1. - Good at dancing and sports - Enjoys creating things with his or her hands - Excellent physical coordination - Tends to remember by doing, rather than hearing or seeing

8. Naturalistic

8.1. - Interested in subjects such as botany, biology, and zoology - Good at categorizing and cataloging information easily - May enjoy camping, gardening, hiking, and exploring the outdoors - Doesn’t enjoy learning unfamiliar topics that have no connection to nature