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Choices by Mind Map: Choices

1. Research Interim

1.1. Talk with someone at organization

1.1.1. would any other kids be there?

1.1.2. how does the program work - cost, travel, training

1.1.3. what did other do after they finished a program?

1.1.4. what do you actually do when you are at a program

1.1.5. what if you get there and don't like it? can you end early or what? will anyone else be there who is also in the program?

1.2. Talk with someone who as done an interim assignment

1.3. Select a couple areas of interest and get direction about how to research it

2. Get a job

2.1. Take a break of studying

2.2. Get a job that offers tuition reimbursement

2.3. Investigate military options

3. Schools

3.1. part-time

3.2. full-time

3.3. Can I just go and try different types of majors? How will that work?

3.3.1. Which college offers stuff that might be good? based on location based on cost based on how easy or hard to get into based on length of program based on schedule (days, nights, parttime, etc.) based on general major offerings (mostly arts, mostly business, mostly technical, mostly health related, etc.) based on how hard or difficult I think it will be and what I want in that way

3.4. Technical, Arts, Business, or Vocational colleges

3.4.1. What majors do they offer different from liberal arts colleges?

3.4.2. What is the cost and time for programs?

3.4.3. Any exploratory sessions to learn more about what they offer?

4. Careers?

4.1. talk to experts

4.1.1. career counselors at colleges

4.1.2. Job shadow anyone who will do it

4.1.3. volunteer in different environments

4.1.4. search for seminars

4.1.5. purpose to make calls or talk with people in different fields of work

4.1.6. Try some totally different jobs, even if just entry level that put you in different work environments

4.2. self-examination

4.2.1. get books with questionaires "What color is your Parachutte", a classic on the subject Life goal setting books "Strengths Finder 2.0" book with code for online interest and aptitude test - $20

4.2.2. make lists Use Who am I mindmap to get started ask other who know you and you respect what they could see you doing

5. Volunteer

5.1. Local

5.1.1. Full time with stipend? Investigate City Year anywhere within US - call for information Where go? What benefits? Pay and other compensation What kind of people participate

5.1.2. Part-time for experiences with new things Cook in soup kitchen Nature work at any state park Office work Guide at museums, driver for organizations, etc.

5.1.3. City Year in Ohio or NH where? what kinds of jobs/volunteering is it? how many others in program at a given location/job? what kind of people are there? how long is the commitment? what if I want to leave early?

5.2. Away

5.2.1. Foreign Research any available? Gov't sites Lg non-profits i.e. Red Cross, etc. Peace Corps

5.2.2. in US City Year Earn Colleg $$ Live someplace new Help people

6. Go on college visits

6.1. Go see what different places are like

6.2. Find any exploratory offerings within driving distance that are free at any colleges to check out different topics/majors

6.3. Find college that offers aptitude and/or career counseling for ideas and help