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1. which normally only infects birds, less commonly pigs and rarely horses, seals, whales, humans and others animals

2. What is bird flu?

2.1. highly contagious disease which can cause sickness and death

2.2. especially in domesticated birds like chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys.

3. Cause

3.1. by avian influenza (AI) virus

4. Subtype of AI virus

4.1. H5N1

4.1.1. currently circulating among birds worldwide was first detected in 1997

4.1.2. since 2003 has spread among many countries in Asia and Europe.

4.1.3. it cause heavy mortalities in poultry flocks and wild birds

4.1.4. over 200 million poultry and birds have died or were killed since 1997 due to this virus

4.1.5. also capable causing disease in humans under certain circumstances

5. Malaysia

5.1. has been free from bird flu until August 2004

5.2. the cases were detected for the first time in, Kelantan

5.3. the disease was promptly eradicated and Malaysia's disease-free status was reinstated on 5 January 2005.

5.4. isolated cases are again reported exactly one year later, in Kuala Lumpur which is being eradicated

6. How its spread

6.1. can spread by migration birds and movement of infected bird

6.2. bird get infected when they come into contact with these, with dead bird and when with contaminated feed and water, equipments, vehicles and other objects

6.3. virus is shed in feces, saliva and nasal secretions of infected birds

7. History of this virus

7.1. do not usually infect humans but people can contract the disease through close contact with infected poultry and the feces.

7.2. only 140 human cases reported mostly in South East Asia ( Vietnam, Thailand , Indonesia , Cambodia and China ) with over 70 deaths, despite widespread outbreaks in poultry and wild birds

8. Appendix