Dilemma: Jackie & Lynn Remember - *Suspend judgement *Identify key considerations

Mind Mapping Dilemma for YWI "Dilemmas in Youth Work" Course

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Dilemma: Jackie & Lynn Remember - *Suspend judgement *Identify key considerations by Mind Map: Dilemma:  Jackie & Lynn Remember -  *Suspend judgement *Identify key considerations

1. Jackie's Well-being and Safety

1.1. Physical

1.1.1. Does something need to be reported?

1.2. Psycho-emotional

2. Context of Jackie's Life

2.1. Family

2.1.1. Expectations

2.2. School

2.3. Peers

2.3.1. Expectations

2.4. Community

3. Lynn

3.1. Lynn's professional experiences - what has she done in similar situations?

3.2. Lynn's personal beliefs/professional philosophy about best practices for positive youth development

4. Sisterhood Programming

4.1. How is Jackie impacting group dynamics?

4.1.1. Negative Distracting

4.1.2. Positive Authentic Sharing

4.2. Mission of Sisterhood: Help youth women to think critically about issues of identity, race, gender, and how these issues relate to their lives.

4.3. Sisterhood Policies

5. What's at Stake?

5.1. Jackie's well-being

5.1.1. her sense of herself

5.1.2. her connection to the program

5.1.3. safety

5.2. The Sisterhood group's success

5.3. Jackie's relationship with her family

5.4. Possible safety of others (role-modeling of violence)

5.5. Reputation of the Sisterhood Program

6. Individual vs. Group needs

6.1. Group Dynamic

7. Her relationship with Jackie

7.1. Establishing Trust

7.2. Enforcing Rules