Students/academics in the caring professions

Students enrolled in the caring professions

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Students/academics in the caring professions by Mind Map: Students/academics in the caring professions

1. Relationship building

2. Work part time

2.1. financial

2.2. time

3. Widening participation

3.1. Increasing students in caring professions

4. Culturally competent practitioners

5. Experiences

5.1. positive/negative

5.2. student/academic

5.3. critical alternative to liberalism

6. Clinical placement

6.1. fitness to practice

6.2. code of ethics

7. Power

7.1. partnership? Can SaP teach power sharing? Power sharing in the clinical setting is important.

7.2. clinical setting i.e. nursing/ medicine/allied health

7.3. Does power sharing happen in an equitable & safe way?

8. Expectations: respect; listening; shared clinical decision making; options/limitations; best available evidence

8.1. Nursing/health care expectations

8.2. ?Teaching expectations

9. Focus on WHAT and WHO

9.1. aligns with NFraser social justice theory

10. Emotion/compassion

10.1. virtue of nursing profession

10.2. Trust-voluntary intimate relationships

10.2.1. vital to HCP aligns partnership

10.3. Contracts-bonds with strangers

10.3.1. depersonalisation of relationships

10.3.2. contracts lead to mistrust

10.3.3. offer protection to students by enforcable accountability

10.3.4. may help achieve power for less powerful

11. Relationships

11.1. Collaborative practitioners

11.1.1. aligns with partnership