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Media Process by Mind Map: Media Process

1. Suspended Story

1.1. Types of problems and response:

1.2. Submit bug to developers

1.3. Contact Filmmaker for release files or other issue

2. Received

2.1. Check Filmmaker Bio and Profile

2.2. Check fields and formats

2.3. Check Materials

3. QA

3.1. Check Categories Clips Name Clips Rating Staff Picks Marketing Use Story Clips Order

4. Ready to Air

5. KEY

5.1. Big Topic

5.2. Big Sub-Topic

5.3. Internal Footage Team

5.4. Media Process Team

5.5. Communications Team

5.6. Design Team

6. Plan

6.1. Priority Plan (Ishai)

6.2. Create Filmmaker Profile featured clips

7. In Process

7.1. In Process Categorize Category Strength Check for multiple cameras and enter info on clip level Clips Name Clips Rate Clip Staff Picks Detailed Brand & Trademark Check Check # of people matches # of releases Choose 4 thumbnails to feature for story Story Clips Order ** Add users name to the story


9. Pending QA

9.1. Temp - move when ready

10. On Air

11. Legal Check

11.1. Releases Check Basic trademark check Kids check Illegal/Explicit check

11.2. Cameras (Ami)

12. Suspended Clip