Folate deficeny

Krista H. Patho605, wk 7

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Folate deficeny by Mind Map: Folate deficeny

1. pathophysiologic etiology

1.1. Folic acid is a B vitamin that helps the body to make RBC's. Decreased RBC's is anemia. RBC's carry oxygen to the body and if there are a decrease in RBC's the body doesn't function properly.

1.2. Impaired DNA synthesis secondary to folate deficiency results in megaloblastic cells with clumped nuclear chromatin.

1.3. Folate is a vitamin that is used during RNA and DNA synthesis of thymine and purines and the conversion of homocysteine to methionine. deficient production can affect cell division.

2. causative factors

2.1. deficient dietary intake of foods high in folic acid

2.2. heavy alcohol comsumption

2.3. cancer patients

2.4. pregnancy

2.5. taking certain medications

2.5.1. antiepileptic drugs

2.6. can't absorb folic acid

2.6.1. celiac disease

3. risk factors

3.1. pregnancy

3.1.1. neural tube defects

3.2. alcoholics

3.3. coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis.

4. diagnostics tests

4.1. health history and physical assessment by provider.

4.2. serum folate levels drawn

4.3. possible barium study if anemia is possibly from GI issue

5. common findings

5.1. pale skin

5.2. decreased appetite

5.3. irritable

5.4. lacking energy/tires easily

5.5. diarrhea

5.6. severe cheilosis (scales/fissure on lips and mouth. Stomatitis. burning mouth syndrome.

6. treatments

6.1. Vitamin & mineral supplements

6.1.1. 1mg/day PO folic acid supplement

6.1.2. 5mg/day PO folic acid supplement for persons who have heavy alcohol intake

6.1.3. 400mcg /day is recommended to prevent heart disease

6.1.4. good diet sources of folate:

6.2. Change diet: increase food intake that is high in folic acid.

6.2.1. good diet sources of folate: leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, beans, whole grains.

6.3. decrease or eliminate alcohol consumption

6.4. treat root cause. If folate deficiency is from decreased absorption. treat GI issues first.

6.5. supplements may need to be taken for up to 2-3 months.

7. Immunity

7.1. folate deficiency impairs immune response, increasing susceptibility for infections.

7.1.1. primarily affecting cell mediated immunity immunosuppression, dysregulation of immune response due to deficiency