Johannes Grenzfurthner

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Johannes Grenzfurthner by Mind Map: Johannes Grenzfurthner

1. Legend

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2. Monochrom

3. Sierra Zulu

3.1. what is it?

3.2. Lower Austria

3.2.1. inside of Lower Austria Soviet Unterzoggersdorf It's own state Microstate established 1955 no diplomatic relations secure border

3.2.2. Explosion to start the film story boarding casting

3.3. Performers

3.3.1. cool guys who want to have small roles in the film

3.4. A call for heroes


4. Cinema and drama

4.1. a living form of media

4.2. it has a little problem

4.2.1. traditional narrative

4.2.2. Action filming stuff that's happening

4.2.3. Displayability Cinema wants to film action Information society removes action that can be filmed We want movement explosions bank robberies

4.2.4. Crime is not a bank robbery it's the stock market we live in a world of data networks abstract movements of data How do we tell the stories of the 21st century if we're using the 20th century cinema WTF?

4.3. Internationale

4.3.1. We are nothing Let us be all

4.3.2. Brecht an image of a factory does not tell us how a factory functions

4.4. Let us tell one

4.4.1. international relations

4.4.2. national struggles

4.5. Film itself can steal your soul

4.5.1. it requires LOTS of money

4.5.2. be careful not to lose ourselves