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Migration by Mind Map: Migration

1. Hiv Prevention ,learn First Aid,improve IT & Social Media skills, Home appliance use ,primary health care for all family members

1.1. develop the social status of the migrant families

2. Main Destinations to Gulf & Middle east & Undocumented Maritime travel towards Australia transit using India,Malaysia,Indonesia

2.1. Economic , Education, Health , Livelihood support for affected families, Protection

2.2. sentisize on HIV, How to say no concerning Protection,

3. SL Country of Origin

3.1. Sexual Exploitation of the children of migrant mothers

3.2. Maternal migration and aftermath,awareness raising regarding migrant rights

3.3. Impact of mother migration on psychology, behaviour and development of children

4. SL Transit Country

4.1. Detained Mirihana camp

4.2. Detention Homes for Asylum seekers / Refugee

4.2.1. Problems /needs - Protection concern, Access to health care, Materials( Hygine,Food, Cloth, ect), Education

4.3. Other

4.4. Refers other organizations for advocasy

4.4.1. IOM,UNHCR, ILO,Diplomatic missions,

5. how & where Connect with SLRCS Strategic Plan

6. Opportunity to communicate with RC movement, and un & Other CSOs

6.1. tool for communication advocacy & HD

6.1.1. Help develop a framework for approach to engage migration as an area of focus