Early Humans - G Block

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Early Humans - G Block by Mind Map: Early Humans - G Block

1. Australopithecus Afarensis

1.1. Can walk on 2 legs-biped

1.2. They were hairy and 3 feet tall.

1.3. Share long arms and back position with apes.

1.4. Hunt for Zebra's and other animals

1.5. Live in Awash Valley Ethiopia

1.6. New node

1.7. could make weapons

2. Homo Habilis

2.1. 4 ft tall

2.2. skin zebras to keep themselves warm

2.3. Use sharp rocks to though at their prey

2.4. They ate insects.

2.5. Eats raw zebras

2.6. Catches zebra

2.7. Very hairy

2.8. Wore zebra hide

2.9. made traps

3. Homo Erectus

3.1. Eat Animal flesh to put on the fire.

3.2. 4 feet tall

3.3. Make tools out of bones and rock

3.4. discovered in 1891

3.5. Started making tools and weapons out of sharp rocks

3.6. Wore animal hides

3.7. First to control fire

3.8. eat animal flesh

4. Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis

4.1. They have more strength than normal humans

4.2. Able to work together

4.3. eat the flesh raw animal they hunt

4.4. Homo Sapiens comes from the word wise men.

4.5. They have large brains

4.6. Have made more than 60 tools

4.7. They live in Africa, Near East and parts of Asia

4.8. They did death cerimonies

5. Homo Sapiens Sapiens

5.1. 5' 6" feet tall

5.2. Means double wise man.

5.3. Maria found the cave paintings

5.4. Live in Madrid, Spain

5.5. Hunt for bulls and ox

5.6. Not very hairy

5.7. They used to make tools for hunting by clay.

5.8. Made cave paintings

5.9. Were biped