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MindMap 1 Biofuels by Mind Map: MindMap 1 Biofuels
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MindMap 1 Biofuels


Mindmaps - will be live 26 October

you are kindly asked to leave your thoughts and ideas in the comment area from 2.15 – 5.15 pm (CEST)


@Twitter - the dialogue has already started, please share your thoughts through #KLMcsr


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Should investments be directed towards the challenging development of a market for sustainable aviation biofuels or is it better to focus on yet existing sustainable energy projects, through compensation services?


Louis Aartman (NLR)




















Sean O'Hanlon











in 2009 the first bio fuel powerd flight with passengers operated by KLM

Camiel Eurlings

KLM is green airliner


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