Learning log

Learning Log (Leadership Essential course) Sep.18 Bournemouth University

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Learning log by Mind Map: Learning log

1. Week4 "Leadership ,Gender and Diversity"

1.1. What I have learned from the lesson

1.1.1. - There are “Glass ceiling” barrier for women because some people thought that women do not have enough potential to be as a leader. However, based on catalyst 2017 shown that, any company which has more than three of women managers can reduce financial crisis. How can I applied the lesson in the real situation - I think in this part it depends on people attitude. Some people always judge others. They are not open minded to accept others. If without bias or judging people’s life, will getting better. - For me during working in-group, my group has both male and female members. We are respecting each other. We separated the work equally. We are open-minded and give others people to show their potential.

2. Week1 "What is Leadership?"

2.1. What I have learned from the lesson

2.1.1. - I have learned that there are different between managers and leaders. Managers are the one who just command people to do something while leaders are coaching people to get something together.

2.2. How can I applied the lesson in the real situation

2.2.1. - I realised that leaders can be managers but not every manager can be a leader.

3. Week 2 " Leadership theories"

3.1. What I have learned from the lesson

3.1.1. - I have learned that there are many leadership theories that i never know before. Each theory identified leadership styles in different ways. - I just realised that a leadership can be learned or developed rather than being innate. - I have listened about the speech that made Obama President. During the speech, Obama told his own family history in the public and made people feel like Obama is an ordinary person like other people. He tried to find the common ground. Moreover, his speed motivated people to stop racism. What I have learned from the lesson - I will be able to be as an effective leader if i have self-confidence, skills and know how to support the followers. - Leaders need to motivate followers - If I would like others trust me , I have to be honest with them like. I have to do what I said to them. - Speaking in the public is not easy. If I prepare myself by learning about the audience’s background it would help me a lot for the speech because I can know what they want to here.

4. Week3 "Self Leadership – Self awareness , EQ and resilience"

4.1. What I have learned from the lesson

4.1.1. - I have learned about the multiple of intelligences of leadership by Gardner. - EQ is the important thing that people should have and develop. Without having, EQ people will not understand their emotions. -I have learned about MBTI. MBTI identify person’s perspective, personality, lifestyle or even attitude or preference. Besides, MBTI is showing individual strengths and weaknesses which person will be able to improve their strengths or weakness. How can I applied the lesson in the real situation - For me I would tell that i am intelligent person because for me intelligence is not means clever it means talent and interest and I have many interested in many things Moreover, there is no way to test or compare people about intelligence because people have different interests and opinion. - MBTI help me to find myself. I could find a job that interested me after I done MBTI test.

5. Week5 "Global Leadership"

5.1. What I have learned from the lesson

5.1.1. - There are many theories described about cultural frameworks but I like the theory of Hall and Hall because it is easy to understand. How can I applied the lesson in the real situation - High and Low context by Hall and Hall is actually works in the real life especially in the job career. In the future If I have to work with members from different countries Hall and Hall theory can push me to understand more about people.