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1.1. University of British Columbia

1.1.1. Study Biochemistry for 4 years

1.1.2. Graduate and get a B.A. of Science degree

1.1.3. Join clubs and find outside opportunities that involves working with the community

1.2. Simon Fraser University

1.2.1. My alternate choice

1.2.2. I would also be studying biochemistry

1.2.3. Get a B.A. of Science degree

1.2.4. Join clubs

1.3. Get into Medical School

1.3.1. I want to become an anesthesiologist

1.3.2. Get residency training

1.4. Find a full-time job related to my job field


2.1. I was born on February 4th, 2001 at the Burnaby Hospital

2.2. I went to Kitchener Elementary School for 8 years

2.2.1. I was supposed to go to Alpha Secondary School, but transferred to Mountain

2.3. I used to be more quieter than I am now

2.3.1. I never liked answering phone calls

2.3.2. I didn't go out often, except for extra activites

2.3.3. I had a few close friends

2.4. Achievements and Successes

2.4.1. I have earned multiple awards for learning and studying the Chinese language

2.4.2. I have completed level 10 piano

2.4.3. I have been able to involve myself with multiple work experience and volunteer placements Pharmacy Bright Nights Fun Rec L.J. Christmas Manor (Senior Care Home


3.1. Currently a grade 12 student at Burnaby Mountain

3.1.1. Graduating on May 28, 2019

3.1.2. I am taking Mandarin 12, AP Chemistry 12, English 12, AP Human Geography 12, Law 12, Calculus 12, Biology 12

3.2. Goals

3.2.1. Find a part-time job related to health sciences

3.2.2. Exercise for at least 30 mins a week

3.2.3. Eat breakfast everyday

3.2.4. Find volunteer activities that involves helping people

3.3. I have applied to 2 universities so far

3.3.1. UBC

3.3.2. SFU

3.4. I have applied to a job

3.5. I am still working on improving my skills

3.5.1. Communication

3.5.2. Leadership

3.5.3. Think and solving problems

3.5.4. Applying the skills and knowledge I have