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Catch by Mind Map: Catch

1. Catch at

1.1. take or grab sth

2. Catch on

2.1. become popular

2.2. finally understand what is going on

3. catch out

3.1. trick

3.2. put sb in an expected and difficult situation

3.3. discover/prove sb is lying

4. catch up

4.1. get work

4.2. reach sb who was ahead of you

5. catch up in

5.1. become involved often against one's will

6. catch up on

6.1. reminsce with an old friend after not seeing them for a long while

7. catch up with

7.1. do sth that should have been done earlier

7.2. meet sb after period of time and find out what they have been doing

7.3. when sth negative start to effect

7.4. punish sb after they have been doing sth wrong for a long time

7.5. learn sth new that many people already knew