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HowFaa App by Mind Map: HowFaa App

1. Frontend

1.1. UI Style

1.1.1. Modern Styling Techniques W3C Approved Conventions Fluid Layouts Mobile Friendly Tablet Friendly

1.1.2. Vector Art

1.1.3. Unpixelated Images

1.2. UI Functionality

1.2.1. Easy to Read Fonts Clean Images Multilingual Capability Grammatical Correctness

1.2.2. User Friendliness Self Explanatory Controls Asset Loading Techniques

1.2.3. Speed Caching Recognizable Elements and Buttons

1.2.4. Interactive Buttons

1.2.5. Responsivity Real-time Updates List Previews

2. Backend

2.1. User

2.1.1. Monetization Monetization Account Records Monetization Account Controls

2.1.2. Followers Follower Features and Listing

2.1.3. Payments Payment Records

2.1.4. Groups Creation Functionality

2.1.5. Group Reports

2.1.6. Referral System Referral Records

2.1.7. Earning With Referrer Pay In and Pay Out Buttons

2.2. Dates

2.2.1. Send Request

2.2.2. Accept Request

2.3. Admin

2.3.1. Earnings User to Earn Lists Earning Percentage System

2.3.2. Payments Payout Requests User Payments Pay In Amount