Tesla mindmap

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Tesla mindmap by Mind Map: Tesla mindmap

1. What financial support am I willing to give to my broke boyfriend to encourage him to make me happy?

1.1. Assistance to purchase his motorcycle by his birthday

1.2. Assistance during the years he has to pay off the truck, long after the truck is sold (why couldn’t he have saved his money to purchase the truck years ago? Why am I stuck dealing with his problem now?)

1.3. Promising him an image to impress the Jones‘es... electric all the way, an impressive image to match his impressive position of head physicist and lean muscle man

1.4. Not to mention the impressive girlfriend

1.5. Norbert you don’t have to pay anything for my Tesla until after you pay off your truck

2. Does my broke boyfriend want me happy?

2.1. Obnoxious diesel guzzler

2.1.1. Monthly upkeep + diesel = 200€

2.1.2. Depreciating faster than Tesla

2.1.3. Disapproval from passerby’s

2.1.4. After is paid off, will probably be too expensive to drive, and will be rather old and unattractive, undesirable

2.1.5. Should the pajero be desired in the future- there are a million more to choose from- can be re-obtained at any time

2.1.6. It’s actually, like all SUV‘s, for fat people.

3. Return after 3 days

3.1. Being able to say I had it

3.2. Almost had it

3.3. Loose € on car loan

3.4. Will be a dream that didn’t come true, but that could, in a few more years

3.5. Could pre-order again now

4. Me Keep my Tesla despite the negatives

4.1. Me being broke

4.2. Feeling insecure because my savings are gone

4.3. Possibility of Facharzt taking longer if I can not pay for some classes this year.: not the psychiatry or public health classes.

4.3.1. The boys & I will have to beg grandparents for financial assistance in case of emergency (a price they are willing to pay, in exchange for the Tesla)

4.4. A depreciating investment

4.5. Loosing additional € on parking space, insurance