Protocol GTD

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Protocol GTD by Mind Map: Protocol GTD

1. Capture Any Idea and Ask Is it accionable?

1.1. No

1.1.1. Delete

1.1.2. Save in Maybe Later

1.1.3. Save in Reference Materials

1.2. Yes

1.2.1. Delegate

1.2.2. Take LESS that 2 minutes Do it It's a gruop of simple Save in a CheckList Save in project Project "Kanban"

2. Remember: Always think in the next thing: "What's the next step or action?".

3. Kanban: When a Kanban project is created, it is composed of activities, each activity is stored on a card and each card breaks down the activity as much as possible, we calculate the execution percentage of the task and it is stored in one of the Kanban cycles.

4. Each item broken down in the Kanban must be recorded in "Next Actions"

5. The context in "Next Actions" is labeled by the following items: Space where the task is executed, Tools needed, energy and priority.

6. The date on which the task is performed must be established.

7. Weekly Revision: The "Index" must be cleaned, the tasks must be classified, broken down and scheduled if possible.

8. Monthly review: The capture status must be checked, the tasks assigned and executed in order to calculate the percentage of effectiveness. In this revision the "Roadmap" must be established in order to meet the objectives sought in the next six months.