Roadmap to a Smart Future

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Roadmap to a Smart Future by Mind Map: Roadmap to a Smart Future

1. A Burning Platform for the Perfect Storm

1.1. Business pressures to be internally efficient

1.1.1. quantifies the value to pay for change

1.2. New Workforce drawn to a different workplace

1.2.1. quantifies what's needed to compete for skilled labor

1.3. Infrastructure in need of modernization

1.3.1. quantifies where to start & where we're coming from

1.4. Fear vs. Focus on each to one aligned future

2. Alignment in Purpose

2.1. The right technology can drive efficiency & draw the future workforce

2.1.1. Environment with incentive to collect truth Value to the worker, not just mgmt Personal value returned for solving problems in their work area Aligned problem solving to the real issues

2.1.2. Visibility & value to mgmt Capturing truth vs just data Sets the stage for AI value Impacting issues surfaced for problem solving Know where investments will return value Alignment to workforce on real issues of the plant floor Support workforce in solving the right issues

2.1.3. Environment to draw the next generation worker Access All pertinent info available in the task Data analytics to see relationships & influences Influence Analytics to show tall-poles for focused problem solving Decentralized decisions to affect their work area directly Collaboration Mobile technology providing visibility to others, open communication & escalation

2.2. Evolving vs. rip & replace provides a doable path

2.2.1. Starting from where you are today production has to run, know why it isn't Recover incremental resource by solving a few big problems Know the more important impacts that can be influenced/changed

2.2.2. Establish data integrity in current operations Get the truth in the data from people who also will benefit from it Engage & empower today's workforce Create working & technical environment to draw the future workforce Set the stage for AI investment

2.2.3. Use visibility to impacting issues & their solutions to prioritize tech investments Quantify the value & priority of automation/robotics, sensors, integration, etc. Appropriate investment vs. just buying technology

3. 15 slides = 45 minutes

4. Manufacturing's Challenges

4.1. Pressure from the global economy

4.2. Margin pressure from Customers

4.3. Pressure to deploy IoT & AI, Industry 4.0, Additive Manufacturing

4.4. Lack of skilled work force and low unemployment

4.5. Engagement of the workforce

5. Technology impact on culture

5.1. Smartphones, its about the apps & access

5.2. Cloud applications & social networking

5.3. Gaming

5.3.1. Largest gamers in our population Demographic Size in $

5.3.2. Secret to attracting the players Black hat vs White hat incentives leveraging Human Needs Chart Maslow's Heirarchy

6. Can Truth Set you Free?

6.1. Data integrity today

6.1.1. Why isn't it telling the truth?

6.1.2. How can we get value from AI if our data sucks?

6.1.3. What can the machine tell me, how long will it take to get useful intel?

6.2. Digesting Big Data

6.2.1. How do I find what's needed in this task?

6.2.2. Which things tell me where to focus?

6.2.3. How will I manage even more (IoT sensors, machine details, etc.)?

7. Manufacturing's Needs

7.1. Immediate efficiency & effectiveness

7.1.1. Deliver faster, better cheaper, better quality

7.1.2. Visibility to impacts to production? Problem solving? Ownership?

7.2. Strategic path to modernizing and technology

7.2.1. Understand the value & ROI of technology investments

7.2.2. Integrity of existing data? Development time to value? Complexity risks?

7.3. Strategic future that draws the right workforce

7.3.1. Early exposure to find passionate future workers

7.3.2. STEM programs educating/developing skill trades

7.3.3. Systems focused on workers? Lead & Driven by management?

7.4. Work environment & culture that engages & empowers

7.4.1. Leadership? Working conditions? Safety & Security? Value to employees?

8. Do we have a burning platform or the perfect storm?

8.1. Where we (L2L) are coming from

8.1.1. Spent 20 years leading maintenance & logistics in one of the largest organizations in the world People and what motivates them

8.1.2. Started providing manufacturing solutions in 2010 Partnered with 23 year manufacturing expert and cloud solution tech expert Provide plant floor solution that covers equipment reliability & operational availability, production at the work cell/line and closed loop quality Global solution-6 continents, 19 languages, and 35 countries contracted/deployed

8.1.3. Do business with (logos), have never lost a customer and have 100% reference-ability Have a unique approach and capability that gives plant floor employees personal value

9. Next-Gen Workforce

9.1. Work integrated with life-style vs. job<>life separation

9.1.1. Graphic

9.2. Desire & require access, influence and collaboration

9.2.1. Graphic

9.3. Competition for attracting is defined

9.3.1. Google, Microsoft, Apply, Amazon, Cloud startups

9.4. How has this changed from prior generations

9.4.1. Still human with a hierarchy of needs

9.4.2. Social influences via technology satisfy needs differently

9.5. Leverage mobile technology to provide access to data, ability to impact through decentralized decisions and collaboration up/down/across

9.5.1. Not unique to Next-Gen (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

9.5.2. Cloud solutions expedite roll-out & adoption

10. Leverage the Perfect Storm

10.1. Get truth to real impacts to production with real-time data based on people movement

10.2. Create the environment to engage and empower to solve issues and drive ownership today

10.3. Create the technical work environment that draws the next generation skilled worker

10.4. Drive business decisions with truth & quantified ROI