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Supply Chain Map by Mind Map: Supply Chain Map

1. Commercial

1.1. Sourcing

1.2. Planificare Sales Event

1.2.1. Calendar Planning Pregatire Selectie Verficare poze Verificare coduri Product Intelligence In xls download from intranet, pt update lista produse, analiza produse vechi, noi, profitabilitate, diferente pret etc Analiza/ clarificare caracteristici produs (material etc) Comunicare cu Supplier pt clarificari Selectie finala SKU, trimisa la Supplier pentru a primi oferta

1.3. Productie Sales Event

1.3.1. Analiza Sales Event Prelucrare/ analiza xls template Pricing Analiza/ calcul / editare coloane xls: stoc, promo price, clearence price, cantitati Verificare coduri cu intranet - Product Intelligence Trimitere analiza la Senior Buyer pentru verificare preturi Senior Buyer ->verificare/modificare preturi Prelucrare xls pentru Product Batch pentru Production dupa marcare in xls/ out produse din catalog; upload Batch LIst in intranet accesare/ postare link drive POZE in Comment, nr poze comunicare upload via Basecamp catre Production docs Buying, docs "..Team X" -input status confirmare upload Production

2. Marketing

2.1. Copy

2.1.1. Descrieri produs / campanii etc

2.2. Visual

2.2.1. Poze

2.3. Merchandising

2.3.1. Sales Event - Organize

3. Orders

3.1. Prepare Orders

3.2. Create Order / Extra Order

3.3. Sent to Supplier

3.4. Proforma received ok

3.5. Invoice verified

3.6. Processing finished

3.7. Reception Report

4. Transport

4.1. Inbound

4.1.1. From Supplier To Warehouse RO To Warehouse SK In transit to Hub To Warehouse RO To Warehouse SK

4.2. Outbound

4.2.1. From Warehouse RO To Hub Curier To Warehouse SK

4.2.2. From Warehouse SK To Hub Curier To Warehouse RO

5. Indentificare furnizori /produse, contract comercial, concept Sales Event

6. Descrieri produs, campanii, editare poze, organizare produse pe site

7. Comenzi furnizori, packing details, facturi, rapoarte receptie

8. Organizare transport

9. Pricing

10. Ianuarie_2019_Supply Chain Map: Commercial -Marketing -Orders -Transport