address validation

Address validation scenario

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address validation by Mind Map: address validation

1. pagination

1.1. add 1

1.2. add 3

1.3. add 19

1.4. add 20

1.5. add 21

1.5.1. observe 2 pages

1.5.2. navigate between 2 pages

1.6. add 40

1.7. write a automated test to add n valid random addresses, to explore the system limits, can we crash it after adding 100+ address entires maybe?

1.8. navigation beetween paginatied pages <, >, >>, <<.

2. addresses operations

2.1. ADD new address

2.1.1. check initial form

2.1.2. current location address icon verify current address

2.1.3. auto-complete/select a pick up location choose one address from recommended interct with list of recommended addresses scroolbar long list behaviour

2.1.4. enter fully valid address human friendly input address localization / different languages? coordinates (52.500056, 13.398944) latitude longitude altitude copy paste from elsewhere degrees coordinates (52°30'00.2"N 13°23'56.2"E)

2.1.5. enter invalid address missing street name missing street number ? missing city ? missing postal code ? missing country ? explore how recommendation engine behaves on invalid input

2.1.6. skip validation skip validation of validly entered address skip validation of invalidly entered address speak/discuss with PO about what are "exceptional cases" where validations can be skipped.

2.2. EDIT already valid addresses

2.2.1. street name valid street edit invalid street edit

2.2.2. street number valid number edit invalid number edit

2.2.3. postal code valid postal code edit invalid postal code edit

2.2.4. city valid city edit invalid city edit

2.2.5. country valid country edit invalid country edit

2.2.6. bulk edit possible?


2.3.1. delete one address item

2.3.2. delete bulk items

2.3.3. delete all addresses items

2.3.4. delete merchant account ???

3. accessibility

3.1. mouse clicks

3.2. mouse hovers

3.3. TAB, SPACE, ENTER, ESC interaction

3.4. arrows navigation

3.5. contrast

3.6. high, small resultuons

3.7. different browser page sizes / scalability

3.8. undo, redo, CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y