QM Recognized Peer Review Process

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QM Recognized Peer Review Process by Mind Map: QM Recognized Peer Review Process

1. The MR selects the Review Team

1.1. Use the Peer Review Search Tool

1.2. Form review team

1.2.1. SME

1.2.2. At least one external

1.2.3. Peer Reviewer

1.3. MR fill outs and sends along team spreadsheet

2. The faculty developer submits the Instructor Worksheet

3. Conduct the Pre-review conference

3.1. MR creates pre-review conference agenda

3.2. Held with faculty developer and review team

3.3. Review the worksheet

3.4. Ask/answer questions

3.5. Establish timeline for review

4. Review the course

4.1. MR available to answer any questions during review

4.1.1. Review team goes through MR for faculty developer questions

4.2. Read annotations and standards

4.3. Enter met or not met

4.4. Add comments

4.5. MR checks in to see if review team is working; answers questions as needed

4.6. MR schedules a post-review discussion

4.6.1. Hold post-review discussion Submit any needed changes

5. Submit the final report

5.1. Automatic through rubric tool

5.2. Cannot submit until after post-review discussion

5.3. MR ensures all peer reviewers have added all comments; submits final report

5.3.1. MR can add other comments (spelling, grammar) on final report comment area

5.4. Team fills out post-review survey

6. MR communicates with faculty developer

6.1. Told to fill out course amendment form if changes needed

6.2. Faculty developer fills out faculty response form

7. Faculty developer submits course amendment form (only if course does NOT meet review)

7.1. Only if changes needed

7.2. MR notified

7.2.1. MR reviews form

8. MR reviews changes to meet/not meet standards (only if course does NOT meet review)

8.1. Review changes made

8.2. Submit met/not met and comments for each change

8.3. Add comments to the course amendment form

8.4. If course still does not meet standards, faculty must resubmit the course amendment form

9. Course QM Recognized

9.1. Faculty developer reviews final report

9.2. Can use QM logo on course