ADDIE Mindmap

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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Design: Explain the learning/training strategy

1.1. Learning Objectives

1.2. lesson plans

1.3. assessment instruments

1.4. media selection

1.5. subject matter analysis

2. Development: Create and assemble content

2.1. Creating and assembling content blueprinted in the Design phase

2.2. testing instructional tools

3. Analysis: Clarify the task

3.1. learner backgrounds

3.2. learner needs

3.3. desired learning outcomes

3.4. learning environments

3.5. task analysis

4. Implementation: Make training available to learners

4.1. develop procedures for training

4.2. prepare learning environments and tools

5. Evaluation: Assess effectiveness of the learning/training

5.1. Formative evaluation: in every stage of ADDIE

5.2. Summative evaluation: on finished programs or products