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Brain Storm 1 by Mind Map: Brain Storm 1
5.0 stars - 3 reviews range from 0 to 5

Brain Storm 1


People Introductions

Ground rules

Discuss Agenda

Meeting Logistics

Venue (Trianon)

Time: 2PM 'til

Agenda (MindMeister, Google Docs)

Registration (Facebook, Google Docs Form)

Invitations (EMail)

Food and Drink (Papa Johns and Beer)

Materials (Flip Chart, Index Cards)

Technology (Laptop, Excel, Projector)

Ideas Round Robin

Need ideas board to hold ideas (Excel on Projector)

People go in order of registration

5 ideas max per person

2 minutes per idea

Similar ideas are combined


20 minute limit on each idea - discuss the most popular ideas in descending order of popularity until everyone gets tired

Topics to cover


6 votes total, allocate as you will