Criminal law & Justice System

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Criminal law & Justice System by Mind Map: Criminal law & Justice System

1. Role

1.1. public wrong

1.2. -LRC: promote better society, educating with law. -Wolden comittee: dont' intervene,preserve & protect.-Canadian Law Report: provides framework for society to create itself & removes impediments

1.3. The Oirreachtas & Societal Influence(culture & times)

1.4. -Economic view: Rational thinkers. -Bad Man thoery:certain types of people who need to be reformed.-Wicked choice theory: choosing to do wrong

2. Functions

2.1. maintain order.

2.2. Detterence.

2.3. Expressive function

2.4. Control

2.5. Safeguard conduct that is not criminal

3. Burden of Proof exceptions

3.1. Special/Peculiar knowledge: DPP v Best - school attendance Act (reasonable excuse, age)

3.2. - defence of insanity(the balance of probabilities

3.3. Defence of Insanity - balance of probabilities.

3.4. Statute: Offences against the state act 1972-O'Leary v A.G/ Misuse of Drugs Act 1977- DPP v Smyth/ Criminal Justice (sexual offences) Act 2006- DPP v Egan

4. Standard of Proof

4.1. Beyond reasonable doubt- Miller v Minister for pensions. Beyond reasonable doubt DOES NOT EQUAL being satisfied, civil case proof, jury told accused entitled to benefit of doubt. 2 views must favour the accused unless state has established the other beyond reasonable doubt - People (A. G) v Byrne

5. Court Structure: District Court Circuit Criminal Court Court of Appeal Supreme Court

6. Punishments

6.1. retribution

6.2. reformation/rehabilitation

6.3. detterance

6.4. incapacitation

6.5. Types

6.5.1. Custodial

6.5.2. fines

6.5.3. community service

7. Protections

7.1. Article 34.1: - administration of Justice in courts establsihed in law, - In public

7.2. Article 38.1: Trial

7.2.1. presumption of innocence

7.2.2. Exclusion of unconstitutionally obtained evidence

7.2.3. Rule against double jeopardy

7.2.4. Right to trial within a reasonable time

7.2.5. Right to legal representation

7.2.6. Right to Proportionality in sentencing

7.3. Article 40.3

7.3.1. Right to privacy - McGee v A.G

7.3.2. Right to bodily integrity - Ryan v A.G

7.4. Article 40.6 : Rights to Silence

7.5. Article 40.4.1: Right to liberty