Character constellation

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Character constellation by Mind Map: Character constellation

1. Archie Andrews

1.1. High School football player

1.2. aspiring musician

1.3. number of romantic flings

1.4. currently dating Veronica

2. Betty Cooper

2.1. one of Archie's best friends

2.2. straight A student

2.3. editor of the school newspaper

2.4. had a crush on Archie

2.5. now dating Jughead

3. Veronica Lodge

3.1. new girl in town

3.2. her father is imprisoned

3.3. wants to be a better person

3.4. loyal to her friends

3.5. sings with Josie and the Pussycats

3.6. currently dating Archie

4. Jughead Jones

4.1. Archie's best friend

4.2. writer

4.3. Jughead's father is serving time in prison

4.4. Jughead is put into foster care and is transferred to Southside High

4.5. philosophical

4.6. keep to himself

4.7. is dating Betty