Clarizen Training & Adoption

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Clarizen Training & Adoption by Mind Map: Clarizen Training & Adoption

1. Tutorial videos

1.1. WebEx recordings

1.2. Click by Click

1.3. General Use

1.4. Specific to GPS use

1.5. Use as opening & take away from webinars

1.6. Post regular tips & tricks on Social

2. Written handbook

3. Clarizen online support

3.1. General support site

3.2. Collect FAQs

4. Champions

4.1. Need to ID group of users

4.1.1. Focus on 1 team & fully onboard

4.1.2. ID group of good users

4.2. Share success stories

4.2.1. "Testimony" in weekly meeting

4.3. Help onboard others

4.4. Core team show how they are using their own accounts

5. In-person training

5.1. Individual Accounts

5.2. Group sessions

6. Webinars

6.1. 1 hr per week introducing new topics

6.1.1. Structure of meetings Quick demo/ recording Bring account documentation as pre-work Intro video Guided walk through Pass Ball around during session to have new drivers and share work done so far with rest of team Show N Tell at end of session Recording available for review

6.1.2. Introduction System Set up PM 101

6.1.3. Completing Personal Profile

6.1.4. Set up of customers/contracts What to name contracts Connecting to customers Fill in Property cards

6.1.5. Creating tasks Capturing Day-to Day Account Management Ad Hoc tasks/projects Adding project

6.1.6. Managing tasks Monitoring Team Scheduling work Status change

6.1.7. Reports & Overview

6.1.8. Using Request process

6.1.9. Maximizing use (hours, % complete, dependencies, etc)

6.2. Weekly Q & A sessions

7. Create sense of need

7.1. Demonstrate value add

7.1.1. Show Dashboard of Account Overviews Compile current accounts Complete UTC set up Lenovo

7.1.2. Reports Internal use To share with client

7.1.3. Capturing action items in real time (post-call)

7.2. Group activity to identify gap & need - create urgency

7.3. Reiterate direction from leadership

8. Reinforcing use

8.1. Requirement?

8.1.1. Get in the system Understanding Layout of customers/contracts/projects Fill out Profile

8.1.2. Enter client data into Clarizen Complete property cards Links to critical docs

8.1.3. Complete Day-To-Day (Project) Meetings Internal Team Customer Reporting schedules Referrals

8.1.4. Utilize system Manage task list Enter & assign ongoing tasks Complete tasks

8.2. Reward?

8.3. Accountability?

8.3.1. Managerial requirement

8.3.2. Documenting Expectations by role

8.3.3. Establish KRA's

9. Measuring Use/ Acceptance

9.1. what does success look like?