Sprint 7.28

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Sprint 7.28 by Mind Map: Sprint 7.28

1. Special rates Part 2

1.1. Write script for SOKO reject

1.2. Write script for SOKO approve

1.3. Create script: checking visibility of SOKO when editing multi-tranches

1.4. Write script for email signal

1.5. Update SOKO business from backend

1.6. Create document for Special rate https://jira.axonivy.com/confluence/display/AMBER/Special+rate

2. Create Dosier - Notes

2.1. Create testcases for Notes

2.2. Write scripts for Notes

3. Create Dosier - Financing Part 1

3.1. Study financing business

3.2. Create testcase

4. Generate Heap Dump with Loadtests

4.1. ICT task - Capture status of heap dump when heap dump > 80% memories

5. Bugs

5.1. SOKO does not work for variable mortgages https://jira.axonivy.com/jira/browse/AF-28243

5.2. Final Decisionmaker always displays Consultant 3 https://jira.axonivy.com/jira/browse/AF-28185

6. Question

6.1. 1.Timezone is the timezone of the Server and we don`t know exactly which timezone it is. But here can help ICT. 2. "Data Cathering" this describes the step in the Process. https://jira.axonivy.com/jira/browse/AF-27890

7. Create test Scenario Template

7.1. Scenario Template of Khanh's proposal https://jira.axonivy.com/jira/browse/AF-28163

7.2. Scenario Template of Nga 's proposal https://jira.axonivy.com/jira/browse/AF-28358