Digital Diamonds

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Digital Diamonds by Mind Map: Digital Diamonds

1. What do we think digital delivery will look like in five years time?

1.1. A mixture of face to face/ group and online methods of delivery.

1.2. evidence being recorded on tools such as mentimeter/forms

1.3. Creative responses to criteria (greater creativity)

1.4. Secure curriculum MOOCs set for different ages throughout the education system.

1.5. It will just be called delivery (as digital strategies should align and fall into existing policies and procedures and will be viewed as 'the norm').

2. What will the children and grandchildren of Wales be seeing in colleges, classrooms and work places?

2.1. Exercise books being replaced with note taking and journaling technologies. Such as OneNote or EverNote with bespoke curriculum templates for activities.

2.2. Connected desks and tables to Chromebooks/netbooks/touchscreen device.

2.3. More flexible working through cloud storage of information, and eportfolio systems, VPN networks.

3. What technologies, tools and techniques will be making a difference to their learning experience?

3.1. Slicker tools for smoother assessments in different environments and the ability to complete them online.

3.2. Collaborating digitally on projects with colleagues and peers.

3.3. Audio and visual ways of documenting evidence and learning.

3.4. More practical and realistic assessments for workplace assessments.

4. What will they want and need for their learning?

4.1. Secure and reliable connections

4.2. Access to resources 24/7 available on different platforms.

4.3. Material to be presented in a wider range of multimedias.

4.4. Secure ways to communicate online with the rest of the group.

5. Created by Jeni Scott on behalf of Educ8 Group. Please follow email link to collaborate.