Organizational Challenges: Fair Trade products' transparency

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Organizational Challenges: Fair Trade products' transparency by Mind Map: Organizational Challenges: Fair Trade products' transparency

1. Consumers

1.1. Fair Trade demand seems to be constantly increasing

1.2. Transparency has become essential for consumers

1.2.1. People care about little producers and their working conditions

1.2.2. They need to be sure that buying a product will have a real impact on the small producers' lives.

1.2.3. Consumers tend to be mistrustful of some products and labels

1.2.4. They trust more small producers and local shops

2. Producers

2.1. The most important elements that Fair Trade must guarantee to producers

2.1.1. A remuneration at least equal to the national average, if not higher

2.1.2. Good Working conditions

2.1.3. Visibility

3. Retailers

3.1. Big retailers

3.1.1. Most of the time they have labbelled fair trade products or their own fair trade products Big retailers play with the notion of transparency They can afford Big labels like Max Havelaar "Fair washing"

3.1.2. They offer suspicious low prices for Fair Trade products Shadows in their supply chain

3.1.3. They rely on communication to make Fair Trade grow

3.2. Small and medium retailers

3.2.1. They have a different approach of transparency in Fair Trade They trust less the Big labels

3.2.2. It is easier to controll if they respect Fair Trade values More trustworthy for the consumers

3.2.3. They believe that Fair Trade needs to remain a little economy