How can Yokip Consulting help Ferrum?

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How can Yokip Consulting help Ferrum? by Mind Map: How can Yokip Consulting help Ferrum?

1. 4. Implement

1.1. 1. Provide contract

1.2. 2. Setup banking operations and compliance requirements

1.3. 3. Tech setup

1.4. 4. Go LIVE

2. 3. Soft pitch pilot prospects

2.1. Are they interested in piloting?

2.2. Demo product to prospects

2.3. What are their revenue potentials?

2.4. Are they any specific product needs?

2.4.1. Banking?

2.4.2. Compliance?

2.4.3. Language?

2.4.4. Payment processing?

2.4.5. Consumer behavior?

2.4.6. Liquidity?

2.4.7. Integration with existing tech?

3. 2. Identify

3.1. For investors

3.1.1. Any missing or requiring revision marketing materials? What is the roadmap? Is the offer clear? Evidence of product market fit? Competitor analysis Market size Crypto regulatory climate Barriers to entry

3.1.2. Any missing or requiring revision financial materials? How much runway do we currently have? What is the current projected revenue? What assets do you have?

3.1.3. Any missing expertise an investor could add?

3.2. For pilot prospects

3.2.1. Markets to prioritize

3.2.2. Any tailored product requirements?

3.2.3. Any tailored marketing materials required?

3.2.4. What is the business and pricing model?

3.2.5. What are the terms of testing phase?

3.2.6. Anything we want to make sure to measure when piloting?

3.2.7. What are the contracts that need to be developed?

4. 1. Evaluate

4.1. Product

4.1.1. Marketing materials

4.1.2. Technology

4.1.3. Financials

4.1.4. Additional assets

4.2. Potential markets + uses cases