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CTO by Mind Map: CTO

1. Domination and Leads

1.1. Building Domination System

1.1.1. Execute on our current knowledge for WholeLeafCBD so that we build the system based on real live experience See if you can use FieldTest for WholeLeafCBD Follow-up with Giselle: Complete the build-out of the site Completion of build-out of the site WLCBD - Develop information architecture. Look at keywords traffic, provide feedback for structure (From HI L10) AHWF to Wpengine - Discuss when Marc is in the meeting. Anish suggested to transfer AHWF to Wpengine.

1.1.2. Execute on our current knowledge for DigitalSpotlight so that we build the system based on real live experience Complete keyword opportunity model on our content product Meet with Ash, Giselle and Stan to update the current Content calendar so that I know my deadlines for my content Schedule in due dates for updating the drafts to handover to editor on the articles I've already finished Schedule in due dates to create new content based on our content calendar and keyword plan Optmise internal linking between our current blog posts to maximise chance of getting ranked for target keywords according to the keyword opportunity model

1.1.3. Keep up to date on the latest changes in the industry and then disseminate to our staff where appropriate Ensure I'm mindmapping all topics from TTT every Tue, Thurs, Sun

1.1.4. Copy of Keep up to date on the latest changes in the industry and then disseminate to our staff where appropriate Ensure I'm mindmapping all topics from TTT every Tue, Thurs, Sun Review my feedly feed and read the latest articles Re-organise my TTT mindmaps

1.1.5. Build out our content production system so that we can use it in any industry we go into Break down, and complete R & D on to determine what makes content digestibile so that we can apply it to our content to maximise its impact Create a system of research so that we have the data and info to create content that is better than anyone else in the industry Anish to develop a system to reach out to hire writers who already write for authoritative publicatiosn in sites in that niche already - or have following in that niche

1.1.6. Complete system on outreach based link building, and staff the department so that we can promote content that is created to ensure we earn the rankings we have planned for Figure out a way to accurately determine how long it takes for a keyword to get ranked Work out an intermediate way to determine how many links it will take on avg to rank for a keyword based on link velocity and domain ranking (if accurate way will take too long or be too expensive to implement) Build a system of prospecting for link partners Build a system for actually doing the outreach and getting the link placement Build a system for managing relationships with link partners and managing the links already placed Train Stan on the outreach link building process Oversee Stan as he builds out the outreach / link building department

1.1.7. Implement lead nurturing system that maximises the value of prospects in our funnel

1.1.8. Implement systems to optimise social and community organic channels to ensure we appear as if we are everywhere in any particular niche

1.1.9. Oversee and check system for measure both expenses from domination and revenue so its attributed correctly so we can determine which parts make the most difference and which parts are not necessary Determine what cost and revenue items need to be measured Determine how we will measure the cost the revenue items Set up systems and checks to measure the items that need to be measured Create reports to be filled out so that Ash and Anish can make quick decisions Train and assign responsibility to staff to run the system

1.1.10. Train staff to manage key parts of the domination system Train Aurdi and the TS's how to manage the Keyword Opportunity Model

1.1.11. Anish to figure out how to get the most search engine value for the article s we have already published and modify the internal linking to fit that

1.1.12. FW: The Premier Partner Awards 2018 are open for submissions

1.2. Generate 25 leads per month

1.2.1. Set up PPC campaigns to promote SEO in Sydney, and in LA, and PPC in LA Meeting Ash and agree on the copy of the landing page Follow up Ash for the completion of the landing pages

1.2.2. Set up Facebook campaigns to promote SEO and Adwords in Sydney

1.2.3. Test some external lead channels that generate inbound leads Clarify with ash when he wants to start receiving leads in the US Review and reseach some potential lead channels to determine if they are even worth testing - i.e. they sound like they do inbound Organize individual tests with Ash to determine which of these channels, if any have decent leads Buy more leads from those channels whose lead quality is in line with what we are looking for.

1.2.4. Get at least one of our main properties ranked for "seo sydney" Provide guidance on the mini-sites project so that it is moving in the right direction and that we are getting bang for our buck Work with TS and LA on implementation of the strategy so that we get ranked for "SEO Sydney".

1.2.5. Set aside $100k from Savings for Lead Gen in the US

1.2.6. Anish to approve landing page copy for SEO

2. Management & Product Development

2.1. Hand over Management From all departments and remove myself from day to day operations

2.1.1. Move from Swido to Optimyzer

2.1.2. Establish system of spot checks and metrics so that I and managers have control over department

2.1.3. Should we give all staff Zoho One license?

2.2. Make sure to guide HR to be able to recruit the right people, help handle people issue and bond the company

2.2.1. Review profile test sent by Carmen

2.2.2. Turnover HR Scorecard to Carmen

2.3. Oversee Fei running the department and then help her remove herself from the department

2.3.1. Fei to extracate herself from the department

2.3.2. Assist with the training of the manager once they are hired so that they are up to both the technical and managerial skill level required to manage the department

2.4. Complete Training for Paid staff so that they are able to handle all types of services that we may sell

2.4.1. Complete the google shopping training

2.4.2. Complete the Display network training

2.4.3. Complete the Facebook ads training

2.4.4. Complete the Facebook DPA training

2.5. Assist in grooming key staff so that are able to grow more, and contribute more to the company

2.5.1. Help Jomar improve his written English so he can be more confident in his role as 2IC

2.5.2. Oversee that Fei roll out the systems we've put together in Paid across the other departments

2.5.3. Establish 1 hour management training/meeting for all managers in my group

2.6. Ensure company is aligned from the top down so that everyone understands what is expected of them and where they fit in

2.6.1. Complete video on Values with Ash and roll out on Yammer

2.6.2. Create an introductory video for new staff on Values to use as Orientation

2.6.3. Complete Q & A video, and update on what's happened in the company

2.6.4. Schedule in Q&A video every 2 weeks.

2.7. Ensure Branding Change to Digital Spotlight Goes Smoothly

2.7.1. Ensure we have locked up change in credentials in Google Partners for Digital Spotlight

2.7.2. Find the latest plan for changing over emails to DS and check that the plan is solid before signing off on it

2.7.3. Schedule in time for me and/or other staff as required during email changeover time to check that everything has gone smoothly

2.7.4. Effect of transition to HR

2.8. Solve potentially major client issues across all of my departments

2.8.1. Look into Verifying domains in Business Manager

2.8.2. Update the scope and proposals based on changes we have made to the products of the paid department

2.8.3. Become GDPR Compliant by the May 25th Deadline and also let clients know they have to too.

2.9. Manage the server and technology to ensure all our sites and emails are working properly