Nepal's OTA

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Nepal's OTA by Mind Map: Nepal's OTA

1. Annual payment schedule

1.1. Initials Milestones and Cost Estimations

1.2. staff payments

1.3. VAT

1.4. Income tax

1.5. Business tax

2. First Steps

2.1. Idea: Bookings

2.1.1. Trip/ Packages HoneyMoon Package Trekking Needs More thinking Annapurna Base Camp Trekking Everest Base Camp Trekking Poon hill Adventure Bunjee Rafting rock climbing Hiking Explorations (Cave, lakes, places) sight Seeing

2.1.2. Hotels Vacations Hotels Resorts Guest house One Day NearBy Cottages NearBy Resorts Picnic Spots work out in offers and discounts and user engagements Sight Seen Business / work home stays

2.1.3. Transport Ticketing Reservations Social trips (Picnic, school occasions) Private trips Sight Seeing

2.2. Unique selling point: Mobile App

2.2.1. ALL in one package

2.2.2. Personalize Planning And Feeds

2.2.3. Individual Trip Planning

2.2.4. Off Seasons discounts and offers

2.2.5. Special WeekEnds Offers

2.2.6. engage users and hotels all the time

2.2.7. Confirm your Trip Within an hour

2.2.8. Go International

2.3. Business plan:

2.3.1. Find Partner Hotels Starting with 20-30 Rooms

2.3.2. Find Partner Transport Starting with May be 30 - 40 seats

2.3.3. Find Partner Agencies

2.3.4. Find activities partners (Bungee, paragliding, rock climbing, rafting)

2.4. To Do

2.4.1. Decide On Marketing Materials

2.4.2. Trip Planning Personal insurance Retirement provision General liability insurance

2.4.3. Plan for Off seasons and on seasons and weekends fun

3. Marketing strategy

3.1. Online Marketing

3.1.1. Blogging

3.1.2. Facebook Share and Get discount on next trip

3.1.3. youtube

3.2. Paper Print

3.2.1. newspaper

3.3. Media channels Questionalble ??

3.4. Events (sponsorships, media partner, events(like khaki quiz))

3.5. Promotions/Special Offers (on Seasons and off Seasons)

4. Organization identity

4.1. Organization design

4.2. Organisation communication

4.3. Organisation philosophy

5. Competators and references

5.1. existing online agencies

5.1.1. liberty Holidays

5.1.2. travelgyanionline

5.1.3. oyo


5.2. existing offline agencies

6. Become An Agent

6.1. earn with us

6.2. add your transportation for off season incomes

7. MileStones /3-5 month Goals

7.1. MVP Operations

7.1.1. 40 - 50 Rooms luxurious to cheap hotels

7.1.2. Transport Transport Contacts For easy ticket Access Transport partners/ if possible

7.1.3. engagements / activities bungee resell rafting resell paragliding resell

7.1.4. weekends Offers and attractions Kathmandu - Pokhara Kathmandu - Kalinchowlk (remote) (wishing Kim) Nagarkot Chisapani Hiking

7.1.5. destinations Kathmandu Pokhara one remote places like kalinchowlk

7.1.6. Mobile/ web applications to show all bookings and offers. It will also be the main medium of communication between the customers and us

7.2. facebook app to display the rooms and book them.

8. Investment / 3 month

8.1. Marketting person for hotels /or, per hotel 600

8.1.1. 30k

8.2. Transport manager

8.2.1. 30k

8.3. launch

8.3.1. online marketting facebook 20k instagram 20k

8.4. or one person among us/ do it all

8.4.1. 1.5 lakh

8.4.2. hotel accommodation and launch / dinner

8.4.3. transportation cost

8.5. mobile app in firebase

8.5.1. 30k

8.6. needs even more refining here

9. Keep it clean

9.1. Block from our organizations