Post-Production Development

Post-Production Full Build

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Post-Production Development by Mind Map: Post-Production Development

1. Preliminary Consultation

1.1. Post-Process Elevation

1.2. Post-Process Team

1.2.1. Management

1.2.2. Roles

1.2.3. Technology

1.2.4. Delivery

1.3. Post-Process Full Build

1.3.1. 5 Day Process Day One Project Management Day Two Live Analysis Of Currently Used Workflow Day Three Performance Workspace SetUp Day Four Post-Process Work-Through Day Five Round Tripping

2. Expected Gains

2.1. Process Single Images Within 30min

2.2. Enhance Individual Image Quality

2.3. Elevate Entire Forward Going Body Of Work

2.4. Translate Your Vision Into A Client Deliverable

2.5. Conquer Image Batches With A Sense Of Ease

2.6. Post-Processing Becomes Enjoyable

2.7. Discover With A New Working Knowledge

2.8. Demand Of The Images Not The Other Way Around

2.9. Deeper Sense of Accomplishment

2.10. Generate Imagery You Are Proud Of

2.11. Confidently Market Your Imagery

2.12. Business Growth Will Be Organic

2.13. The Entire Process Is Visible Before You Even Start

3. Cost Value

3.1. $750

3.2. $250 to Initiate

3.3. $250 on Completion

3.4. $250 in 7 days of Last Payment

3.5. 3 Support Calls To Clarify An Issue

3.6. $250 For Enhanced Support (Blocks of 1 Month)

3.7. Post-Production Full Build Recording, Shared On-Line And Always Accessible Forever

3.8. Live Post-Production Review With Additional Step-By-Step Commentary

3.9. Web Presence Assessment Noting Opportunities